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Flevans - I'm over Here

'I’m Over Here' incorporates Disco, House, and electronic elements into the Flevans sound with a big lean towards 4/4 beats to accompany his usual taste for funky live instrumentation, all arranged with his unique ear for a catchy melody, and produced to perfection.

Pitch-shifted vocal samples, soulful keys and big bass lines are order of the day on the EP, with title track ‘I’m Over Here’ a particular standout.

But the release is packed with flavour throughout, boasting two more tasty tracks that go together like peas and carrots. ‘Uptight’ is a funk instrumental dub with a skip in its step and a clutch of 80’s sounding synths hovering over one of the most rubbery bass lines Flevans has ever committed to record. Meanwhile last track ‘Fade’ walks the line between mellow moments of reflective rhodes chords to all out disco house influenced beats, once more showcasing the great versatility of Flevans’ output.

This EP is irrepressible dancing fuel, and is just the tonic to lift spirits higher in a year that badly needs it. ‘I’m Over Here’ marks the beginning of another exciting chapter for Flevans, and we are definitely hungry for more!



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