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The Allergies - Koliko (feat. K.O.G)

Funky beat-makers The Allergies are back with their most irresistible slice of sonic sunshine yet. And this time they’ve brought a new friend.


For their first single of 2024, the DJ/production duo team up with award-winning Afro futurist K.O.G aka Kweku Of Ghana. Gifting the dynamite vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with a super catchy track, bubbling with vintage Afrobeat samples, beefed up bass, soaring horns, and their trademark production punch.


This infectious mix of late 60s African rhythms and upfront hip-hop swagger is the perfect backing for K.O.G to deliver his pin-sharp double-time rhymes, rich layered harmonies, and soaring chorus vocals, in both English and his native tongue. Lyrically, touching on what it means to be treated like a “Koliko” or “Toy”, to use the local language.


To capture his near shamanistic style of performance, K.O.G’s vocals and percussion were laid down live in The Allergies Bristol studio. With the singer recording his dazzlingly freestyled material there, in the moment.


“It was proper magic,” say The Allergies. “Watching him channeling the energy he brought to this track gave us goosebumps!”.


The undeniable groove of The Allergies and the pioneering Afro fusion of the mighty K.O.G – It’s a match made in musical heaven.

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