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Izo FitzRoy announces new album pre-order

Izo FitzRoy's highly anticipated album 'A Good Woman' is now available for pre-order! This soulful exploration of modern womanhood features a rich blend of musical styles, expert production, and introspective songwriting, all produced in collaboration with Oscar de Jong of Kraak & Smaak.

Izo says “The title track ‘A Good Woman’ sums up the essence of the album. A take on what it means to be ‘a good woman’ in society. What labels we are given as women, or the roles we feel we need to fill to be seen as ‘good’ or ‘successful’."

As part of the announcement, you can be among the first to hear the album's breathtaking title-track that has now been released for your pleasure.

PRE-ORDER A Good Woman

LISTEN to the 'A Good Woman' single


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