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Izo FitzRoy - Give Me The High (Moods Remix)

“Give Me The High” was the second single to be taken from Izo FitzRoy’s new LP “A Good Woman”; an album that explores life as a single woman, railing against convention, battling depression, wrangling shame and having a more embodied connection with herself.

“Give Me The High” showcased a different side of the album - the shimmering upbeat ecstasy of a new relationship and all the joy and passion it brings.

Now the single has been given a make-over by the hugely successful while still underground producer, Moods.

The northern soul style drumming and organic funk of the original has been replaced with a jazzier, synth powered slant by the in demand Dutchman whose own works have been streamed over 100 million times and been sampled by titans of US hip hop.

The two have collaborated successfully before when Moods remixed “Here I Come” from Izo’s debut album, a track that helped establish Izo as a dancefloor diva as well as an incredible songwriter and is still one of her biggest releases.

Moods is the second Dutch producer to add some flavour to this song as her album “A Good Woman” was produced and co written by Oscar De Jong of Kraak & Smaak and co -owner of Boogie Angst – Moods record label.


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