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Izo FitzRoy - God Gets A Little Busy Sometimes

“God Gets a Little Busy Sometimes” is the first new material to be taken from Izo FitzRoy’s forthcoming LP “A Good Woman”; an album that explores life as a single woman in her 30s, railing against convention, battling depression, wrangling shame and having a more embodied connection with herself. An album about femininity, empowerment, embodiment.

This song is about the deep lack of safety felt as a woman, in herself and in her body and sexuality, and how this meant she looked outside of herself to be “saved”. Written in the wake of Sarah Everard’s murder, it highlights how deeply unsafe she has felt as a woman.

God in the title references Izo relying on her Catholic upbringing when she was a child, hoping that might provide refuge, then later with men - relying on relationships to save or protect her. It’s a song about all the ways she abandoned herself in the hope of being saved elsewhere. The phrase “I’ll make my way through troubled water because even God gets a little busy sometimes” is about Izo finding a way back to herself. A reclamation of her power.

A powerful song with a strong message, it is the first fruit of a musical partnership with label mate Oscar De Jong of Dutch electronic act Kraak & Smaak for whom Izo has previously guested with great success.

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