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Jalapeno Funk Vol.12

The Jalapeno Funk series took a year off in 2020 as the label celebrated its 20 year anniversary and released a December compilation celebrating the whole life of the label.

Which means we had 2 years worth of funk, soul, disco and hip hop to muse over to bring you Vol. 12 of the series.

The idea is simple – 20 killer tracks available online for the price of a pint of craft ale. Well in London anyway.

Volume 12’s bumper crop include highlights from the wonderful album by Gizelle Smith, brand new material from Izo FitzRoy, Killer remixes from Smoove & Turrell’s Stratos Bleu opus and highlights from the world beating Allergies album.

Throw into the mix some disco goodness from Flevans, breakbeat love form Aldo vanucci and some soul stirring from Dr Rubberfunk and you have the perfect present to give yourself.

The Jalapeno Funk.

With new year looming, it’s time to look both back to the past and forward to the future and we’ve done just that. Backwards to the incredible debut album from Soopasoul and the genre bending Man of Constant Sorrow by Skeewiff both freshly re-issued on vinyl.

And forwards with the inclusion of two tracks by new blood Sam Redmore – pre-cursors to one of the most exciting debut albums we’ve heard in a long time next year.

Jalapeno Funk – it’s better than listening to Mariah Carey and Wham.... again.

BUY | STREAM 'Jalapeno Funk Vol.12'


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