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Skeewiff - Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya on 7" vinyl

Jalapeno Records is a label that prides itself on providing the finest eclectic music. No other artist embodies this spirit more than founders Elliot Ireland and Alex Rizzo, collectively known as Skeewiff.

They’re legends in the underground funky scene, finding themselves the delighted proprietors of worldwide number one hits, running their own Pedigree Cuts library music imprint, working with heroes like Alan Hawkshaw and amassing a high-quality body of work that would be the pride of any ambitious musician.

Their joyous blend of impeccable production, astonishing taste and rare ability to not take yourself too seriously is captured in the two tracks that appear on this new 7” release. Big beats? country & western? sitars? funk? soul? And more? It’s got everything that will guarantee to make you Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya!

ORDER: 'Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya'


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