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Radio Trip - Computers Singing on 7" vinyl

In 2009, Jalapeno Records was approached with some incredible music by the super talented Mixmonster and Schoolmaster, founding members of the jazz funk band 'The Apples'.

Produced under their 'Radio Trip' moniker, the album was a glorious cut & paste journey into sound, with overtones of musique concrete, brought to life by their fascination with vinyl culture, turntablism and sampling.

The first EP taken from the album featured the up-tempo ‘Computers Singing’ with its crunchy drums, organic horn stabs, bleep FXs, synth bass tones and a myriad of sampled vocals, all deftly arranged into a constantly evolving b boy battle weapon.

Now released for the first time on a limited 45, this little gem also features the sought-after psych-funk remix by fellow DJ, digger and music archivist Markey Funk, who’s another a staple of the Israeli groove scene.

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