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Sam Redmore - Party (feat. Lumi HD) [Buscrates Funked Up Mix]

Having established himself first as a DJ and then as a remixer, Sam Redmore is now very much making himself known as a producer of quality global grooves that can light up any dancefloor.

Sam’s previous single Nagu unified the UK airwaves, with Radio 1 / 6 Music / Radio 2 / Jazz FM / WWFM all playing the single on the weekend of release.

A little lower in tempo than his previous singles but heavy on the groove, Party is a hint at the full spectrum of styles and tempos that will be present on Sam’s debut album due for release in 2022 and was premiered on Afrodeutsche’s BBC 6 Music show.

Party was the first original track Sam produced with a vocalist – Lumi HD – a long time friend of Sam’s from Birmingham.

“Lumi is a seriously talented singer & songwriter, I knew she would be the perfect person to go to for this as soon as I'd knocked up a demo. The track is inspired by some of the neo soul artists I was listening to at the time such as Erykah Badu, D'Angelo and Potatohead People and was intended to be something you might hear a little earlier on in the night, but with enough oomph to work once the party's in full force too”.

Having taken influence from the Bastard Jazz label’s Potatohead People it seemed natural to turn to another Bastard Jazz alumni for a remix. Philadelphia’s Buscrates turns in a killer analogue synth funk mix dripping with with neo-soul and boom bap sensibilities.

The Buscrates remix drops on 18th Feb as part of a series of singles leading to the album release in September.

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