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Sam Redmore - Tears

Having signed to Jalapeno Records for his debut album, Sam has kept the eclectic tastes of all his fans satisfied with four very different singles showcasing the wide range of styles he is known for - all picking up rave reviews and a very wide spread of radio support including Radio 1 / 6 Music / Radio 2 / Jazz FM / Worldwide FM in the UK as well as hitting Number 1 most added on US college radio charts (world).

Next up is a serious curveball – a cover of Giorgio Moroder’s Tears. The song it is treated to a latin / cumbia makeover by Sam which makes this glorious piece of music relevant to a whole new generation of dancers.

“The original Giorgio Moroder track is something I've played in my DJ sets for a long time. It's always gone down really well, thanks in no small part to the DJ Shadow track 'Organ Donor' that so famously samples it. Over the years I've introduced more and more afro latin music into my sets, and this got me thinking about how I could rework the track to better fit in with what I was playing. At first, I imagined a fairly stripped-down affair, focusing on that huge organ riff with some tasty cumbia percussion, but as the track developed and more elements such as the horns and strings were added it grew and grew until became the monster you hear today!”


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