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Soopasoul - A Wild Mad Beat

Soopasoul is an enigmatic producer, who’s purist approach to jazz, funk and soul music has resonated with DJs, break-dancers, music connoisseurs, critics and casual listeners alike. Since furthering his legacy by creating a hugely successful edits series, Soopasoul returns with some more original cuts in the shape of 'A Wild Mad Beat’ and ‘Swing Down’.

'A Mad Wild Beat’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Kicking things off with a tough break that knocks so delightfully hard, this energetic vibe moves swiftly into a lead sax being given the freedom front and centre to flow over tight horn stabs, guitar licks, percussion and a monster of a bassline.

But it doesn't stop there. ‘Swing Down’ switches things up on the flip, with it’s up-tempo feel-good rare groove. The band are in full swing here, deftly providing the playful call-and-response to the sexy call-to-action found in the lyrics. All skilfully delivered with the intention to get the dancefloor into the right mood to party all night long.

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