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The Allergies - Jumping Off

Not content with sampling everything they can get their itchy scratchy fingers on, The Allergies have decided to delve into their own catalogue and appropriate their own material into something new. Yes indeed, the samplers become the sample and the sample in question is of the third unofficial Allergy - Andy Cooper (Ugly Duckling) and his jumping vocals from their track ‘Main Event’.

‘Jumping Off’ sees that vocal restyled from a classic hip hop cut into a party-starting, beat-tastic, dance floor bomb, this is one that has the magnetism to make it a surefire crowdpleaser from the moment the needle drops…

And flip it over for more fire - ‘Gather Around’ is a chic, good time, upbeat, soul shaking track with so much bombastic-ness packed in that could make Shaggy blush. The good news doesn’t stop there as these two DJ weapons are packed together on 7” and on sale now.

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