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Smoove & turrell

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The Smoove and Turrell story began in the post millennium North East of England with a group of working class lads and a shared passion for soul. Their debut 'Antique Soul' was released in 2009 on Jalapeno Records. It was in fellow soul head Craig Charles that they found their first radio champion as he supported them heavily on ‘The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show’ which was a kick-starter for their assault on national radio eventually landing Radio 2 record of the week (twice) and a playlist on 6 Music with their debut album.

By the time their second album 'Eccentric Audio' was released the band had already been touring far and wide building up a loyal fan base enthralled by their socially conscious lyrics and explosive live shows. The band were helped by continued support from radio which culminated in further BBC playlists and a New Year’s Eve live session on Radio 2. 'Broken Toys' - their third album led to headline international tours, followed by album number four 'Crown Posada' – again a big hit at national radio with BBC radio 2 playlisting two singles from the album. 2018 saw the Georgie soul crew return with a stunning fifth album Mount Pleasant, and 2019 then saw them celebrating 10 years with the release of 'Solid Brass – 10 Years of Northern Funk'

The band showed the best was still to come in 2020 debuting at #1 in the Official UK Dance Album Charts with the noticeably more electronic 'Stratos Bleu' pairing Turrell’s conscious lyricism with Smoove’s impeccable production once more.  Lockdown saw them keep up the spirits of their fanatical fans with their Friday Night live streamed Northern Coal Experience – half radio show / half comedy show / half social club. Yes, I know that doesn’t add up, but these boys give 150%. In 2023, their highly-anticipated comeback was marked by the release of the hit single, 'IGOTCHA', and a live showcase on the iconic Soccer AM TV program, exclusively aired on Sky.
 Their 7th album Red Ellen (named after a female labour politician who was instrumental in shaping post war attitudes to social justice) followed in Autumn 2023. Not quite as electronic an odyssey as Stratos Bleu, but still firmly centred on the dancefloor and with an overwhelmingly optimistic message of love and compassion, the album is tempered as always with the gritty reality of working class life in the North East of England. 



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