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wolfgang valbrun

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Wolfgang Valbrun is a singer-songwriter born and raised in the state of New York, whose musical career has flourished in Europe, particularly in Paris, France.


His musical education came from his mother and spanned a wide spectrum, from the iconic sounds of Bob Marley to the soulful harmonies of Bobby McFerrin, the timeless melodies of Billy Joel to captivating tunes of Elton John, and the eclectic flair of Charles Aznavour to the mesmerizing enigma of Grace Jones, all infused with a touch of Kompa, an entrancing Haitian musical flavour, that nurtured various Caribbean music genres.


His early years were marked by tumultuous periods, as he moved regularly between different countries due to his parents separation. It was when he moved to Paris as a teenager that his life took a decisive turn. Transitioning to a new culture and environment demanded a complete adaptation, leaving behind familiar landmarks he had known before; Guided by the encouraging hand of his elder cousin, he veered away from the dominant American rock that once defined his musical preferences and immersed himself in a captivating world of soul, jazz, hip-hop, and Brazilian music. Artists like Erykah Badu, The Roots, Seu Jorge, and Gilberto Gil left a lasting impact on his musical journey. Wolfgang’s artistic horizons expanded to embrace a rich diversity of genres, leaving an indelible imprint upon his burgeoning artistic soul.

2020 brought new challenges for all musicians, leading Wolf to rethink his musical path. Encouraged by his bandmates and label he started to write his own songs planning an album and tour for the first time under his own name. The result is Flawed By Design a collection of intensely personal songs inspired by love, loss, relationships, social unrest and personal growth.


Flawed by Design will be released on Jalapeno Records in 2024.


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