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Gizelle Smith - Better Remember / Miss World

Better Remember and Miss World open an aggressive socio-cultural dialogue, inviting the listener to evaluate their stance on global and societal issues, and are wrapped in two very strong, yet widely differing soundscapes. Part serious, part tongue-in-cheek, Miss World is a stormy, dramatic, theatrical opus, whilst Better Remember features electronic sparseness with house-style drops. Both are narrated from the point of view of our beloved planet Earth, to which Gizelle states,

”These are topics which - regardless of whether you agree with them or not, are currently some of the most topical talk points. They're important discussions for our future, fun to deliberate and easy to venture deep into, as they invoke a lot of passion. But it's important for the listener to know I personally am not finger pointing or shaming... the Earth rightly does that job and the Earth will always win the argument. Over the years, I feel like my lyrics especially have become more meaningful and they are particularly important on this album.”

And so she presents them, utilising a range of vocal colours which are testament to Gizelle Smith's ever-expanding creative pallet and proving she is a true artist. And this single is most definitely testament to that.



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