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Skeewiff - Misirlou

Skeewiff formed in Brighton in the mid 90’s and their retro take on breakbeat funk quickly saw them win underground acclaim as well as have a number of worldwide hits under their Shaft alias. They formed Jalapeno Records to remove the outside influence of record labels (they had signed their hits to Ministry of Sound and Universal) and Skeewiff moved in an ever more esoteric direction.

The producers now had complete control over their music and got to work with some of their heroes like the legendary keyboard player Alan Hawkshaw and the original funky drummer Clyde Stubblefield.

Skeewiff always idolised the greats of production music and in the mid 2000’s they left Jalapeno to form a new (and immediately successful) company to give a fresh take on the library music they loved – Pedigree Cuts.

Now the boys have returned to Jalapeno for a special album of updated cover versions of some of their very favourite tunes.

The first release from this series was a killer 7” featuring Spanish Flea–made famous by Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass Band and Exclusive Blend – one of the funkiest library jams ever made by the great Keith Mansfield.

Summer 2023 sees the duo continue their rich vein of form by dropping the beast that is Amen Brother, a track steeped in legend. This musical masterpiece, boasting one of the most sampled breaks in history from The Winstons, has indelibly shaped the foundations of countless genres and played a pivotal role in the birth of modern electronic music. It serves as a flawless embodiment of Skeewiff's El & Al's twin passions, serving as the very bedrock of the mesmerizing Skeewiff sound.

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