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Skeewiff - Sway

Sway is the latest in a series of killer covers by the legends of lounge – Skeewiff.


This one has a particular place in the band’s history as back in 2000 the boys made an upbeat version of the track under their Shaft guise which was titled Mucho Mambo and was a Top 10 hit around the world.


Skeewiff’s new version of Sway is a beautiful and immaculately produced affair, paying tribute to the amazing original while adding classic Skeewiff production values.


Skeewiff formed in Brighton in the mid 90’s and their retro take on breakbeat funk quickly saw them win underground acclaim as well as have a number of worldwide hits under the above mentioned Shaft alias.


They formed Jalapeno Records to remove the outside influence of record labels (they had signed their hits to Ministry of Sound and Universal) and Skeewiff moved in an ever more esoteric direction.


Skeewiff always idolised the greats of production music and worked with some of the finest including Alan Hawkshaw while on Jalapeno.  In the mid 2000’s they left the label they started to form a new (and immediately successful) company to give a fresh take on the production music they loved – Pedigree Cuts.


Now the boys have returned to Jalapeno for a special album of updated cover versions of some of their very favourite tunes.


2023 saw a selection of killer covers of tracks like Spanish Flea, Exclusive Blend, Amen Brother and Miserlou and saw the band back on the radio with 6 Music broadcasting a guest mix and heavy support from Craig Charles.


Sway is the final single release before their album Something Like That ? drops in March 2024 on limited edition vinyl.

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