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Smoove & Turrell - IGOTCHA (Slynk Remix)

There really is nobody else quite like Smoove & Turrell. 


This talented crew of virtuoso musicians from the North East of England have been scene-leaders in the UK and internationally for well over a decade, and their distinctive brand of northern soul and analogue electronica has set them aside in their own lane for six albums and counting...


Having built their audience organically through hard work and extensive touring, their trajectory is still very much upward with their most recent album ‘Stratos Bleu’ hitting number 1 in the UK National album charts (dance) on release in 2020. 


Consistently prolific as recording and touring artists, the band have delivered a series of killer singles in support of forthcoming album ‘Red Ellen’ which have all been supported by BBC 6 Music (who made ‘Stratos Bleu’ Album of the Day).


Violet Hour’ – an evocative love song by lead singer and lyricist John Turrell,  was one of the highlights of the album and has been remixed here by Max Sedgley – author of one of the biggest classics of modern soul dancefloors – Happy.


John Turrell tells us of the song


“I could be more famous, I could be richer, I could be better looking but I won the lottery when I met my wife. Life changes, priorities change, kids grow up and they hopefully find a life that’s good for them. One thing is for certain our violet hour never turns to grey, it just changes and becomes something even better. Find that one person and you’re set for life”.


Max’s take on the track adds a sleek electro-funk backing to the original making it an absolute floor filler.


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