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Wolfgang Valbrun - Flawed By Design

American singer-songwriter Wolfgang Valbrun follows in the footsteps of US soul music’s greats.


After moving from New York to France in his teens he found favour on the Paris circuit before being recruited as lead singer for avant-garde UK soul and jazz band ephemerals.


With ephemerals he toured the world and attracted a fervent following (as well as many millions of streams). Alongside ephemerals he also performed and wrote for French hip hop and soul legend GUTS after a chance meeting when they played the same stage at Glastonbury.


2020 saw a musical re-set for Wolfgang and he made a decision to start to write and record under his own name.


Having dropped his debut ‘Love Yourself EP’ in late summer 2023 to support from BBC 6 Music and KCRW amongst others, Wolfgang followed up with ‘Almighty $$’ building the heat to the summer release of his debut album ‘Flawed By Design’.


The album is a powerful and introspective look at human frailty and musically straddles the very blurred lines between soul, jazz and rock.


Next up from Wolfgang is the slower and more reflective ‘Where is the Peace’ a song inspired by the riots in France and the antagonism of the authorities towards minorities in his adopted country. It’s a protest song against institutional racism and social injustice and a powerful call to take a stand.


The band turn in a lower, meaner groove that suits the subject matter - building to a crescendo as Wolf’s vocal builds from a plaintive cry to an angry scream..

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