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Wolfgang Valbrun - Keep Your Head Up

Wolfgang Valbrun is an american singer-songwriter born and raised in New York, whose musical career took off after moving to Paris, France as a teenager.

As lead singer of avant-garde UK soul and jazz band ephemerals, he toured the world and attracted a fervent following as well as hundreds of millions of streams.

Alongside ephemerals he performed and wrote for French funk & soul legend GUTS on his Stop The Violence album.

2020 saw a musical re-set for Wolfgang (as for many musicians) and he made a decision to write and record under his own name.

Keep Your Head Up is the second part of a three track EP released on Jalapeno Records.

The song is heavy on the horns giving the track a strident air which suits the subject matter of the lived experience of minorities in France amid the social unrest and protest that is engulfing the country.

While Wolf has a strong love for his adopted homeland there is also a strong streak of distrust in how it is governed.

Keep Your Head Up is a rallying call to the people to keep going against the system.

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