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Wolfgang Valbrun - Love Yourself

Wolfgang Valbrun is a singer-songwriter born and raised in the state of New York, whose musical career took off in Europe, particularly in Paris, France where he moved as a teenager and which he now calls home.

As lead singer of avant-garde UK soul and jazz band ephemerals, he toured the world and attracted a fervent following as well as millions of streams (hundreds of millions in one case where one of the bands singles was re-worked by French electronic artist Kungs into a worldwide hit).

Alongside ephemerals he performed and wrote for French funk & soul legend GUTS on his Stop The Violence album.

2020 saw a musical re-set for Wolfgang (as for many musicians) and he made a decision to write and record under his own name.

Love Yourself is the title track from his debut EP as well as being the opening track of his forthcoming album.

Opening on a killer piano riff the song plays on the idea that getting to know yourself and accept all your flaws is an essential part of life. Accepting his own flaws gave Wolfgang hope when things looked dark in his life and through the song he wants to give hope to those who don’t have any, that there is a way through.

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